Saturday, January 24, 2009

Helmet considerations

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Here we have a barrel helm with a grill face. I tried something different this time...I got Lee to tack the bars on the outside of the nasal rather than on the inside. The actual welding is contracted out, but the fairing, shaping and finishing is all done right here. When I finished all the grinding and polishing, I torched it all over to turn all that shiney metal a sort of blue colour. Fits in better with the mill scale on the 14 gauge barrel, and also allows the rivets to stand out. Please note that the pop rivets in the nasal are only there for temporary fastenings.

Doesn't look all that bad, but I think the metal is too far away from the face.

The go-no-go gauge says it is fine along the left side.

But it fails in the middle of the eye openings.

And it is about an eighth of an inch too wide on the right. Well, nothing worth doing was ever easy! Looks like I have a ton of work to figure out how to bring this grill face into "legal" limits. Yet again we see why I detest grill faces...
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