Friday, January 23, 2009


(This was sent to me by Trench Tai, the organizer of the event on Saturday. I found it interesting that he mentioned that advertising material should not promote any religious or political views. Guess you can tell who the sponsors are. Anyway, if anybody is reading this and will be performing with me on Saturday, I'll be there at half past five in the afternoon at Carleton U. )

Dear Sifu, Master and Sensei,

The Martial arts gala is just 1.5 day ahead, just want to remind that we rented the place starting at 5pm, so we can do stage preparation work. We will be setting up 4 tables in the lobby. In which one table for the media/newspaper company etc, and the other 3 tables to be shared with all martial arts school. You can place your advertising material to promote your school. (please do not place religious or political related material).Parking is free on Saturday. You can also start using the stage for rehearsal starting at 5:30. We are hoping to see you guys no later than 6:30, and the event will start at 7:00 sharp.We thank you for your supports and we look forward to see you and your team this Saturday. Regards,Trench Tai,Daido AcademyTel: 613-302-8972

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