Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Susanna's Armour

click on these images to enlarge. The breastplate, pretty much finished, with the backplate in the background.
closeup of the breastplate.

The backplate, all rolled, shaped, with picadills installed. The picadills are sacrificial leather pieces which muffle the movement of the steel pieces as she walks around in it. Keeps it from sounding like a hockey bag full of pots and pans. In this case, just for a change, they show, forming part of the design. Below is a better close up. The picadills are very clear and the shoulder blades are clearly defined in a beautiful sweep. Please note when you examine this armour that there has been absolutely NO sanding of the surface...this is the way it comes from the wheel.

The armour will likely be delivered this way, unless Susanna asked me to put a 100 grit finish on it. This adds to the price, so most often folks who pick up my armour are content to do it themselves. The armour is delivered with a gloss lacquer finish. Easy to fix. Easy to re-apply. Easy to remove if you need to sand it down.

This armour is a little fancier than usual because I wanted to give my assistant some experience in fluting and rolling.

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