Saturday, June 27, 2009

More sexy armour...the finished product

This is Tracy. She has graciously allowed me to photograph her in her sexy armour, and in return, we ask you not to copy them.
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This was a "fitting" photo shoot so we didn't use a lot of props like high leather boots and such. Furs will have to do for now. The fancy boots will come later. For now, I figure if I can get one or two pics I can use, then "bonus", but that was not the real purpose of the shoot. It was to try and see if we could get it to fit and what I will need to do in the future to get it to fit correctly.
The results were pretty good. Above, sexy armour, inspired by the incomparable Clyde Caldwell.

Above, rage against the chains.... I know...the joint between the cup and the strap needs work...but then, thats WHY we do fittings!

Prrrrrrrr... And yes Karen, those I DID line those cups.
Above is a wallpaper. click on it to enlarge. This picture, like all the pictures on this blog are not public domain. email me at if you desire a download.

And this one will be going on my web site.
(now to get back to Erin's armour. )

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Wordwitch said...

I'm sure Traci really appreciated the lining! ;) It looks great so far; I can't wait to see the "final" pictures!