Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The client wanted some nice period tassets. I like tassets, often they are removed because they are annoying to wear while on horseback. So much so that much of the parade armour doesn't have any tassets at all. This is particuarly the case with Gothic stuff. Oh well, these are very English, and don't look too bad withall.... (click on images to enlarge) Above are the tools requrired to flute sixteen gauge....a honkin heavy hammer, a blunt chisel, and a block of wood to shove the metal down into. Above is the back of the armour, and below you can see what it looks like from the front. Clearly it is a work in progress. But already you can see the nice sweeps and crisp lines.
Of course, it will need to be sanded clean, then blued like the rest of it, and then have some nice buckles added onto it. And possibly some more passes with the chisel to deepen and fair out those flute lines.
Normally fluting is a really expensive proposition....and this is no different. To this point, there is about an hour into it. And of course this is onlyly one side, I estimate four hours to finish. And another hour to make the buckles, and blue the tassets. So all this custom work will likely add about a hundred bucks to the price but unlike most customizing, this will really turn heads.

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