Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Phone call

Got a phone call yesterday. Made me think. It went something like this.

Hello, how may I help you?
>Yeah, do you teach Japanese Sword fighting?
Well, yes.
>What style?
That would be Kyushu Ryu.
>silence...for a bit, then "Yeah, I want to take that course."
Well, that should be no problem. I teach it at Algonquin College.
>I don't have a car. Anyplace closer?
Well, Kenjuitsu is only taught at Algonquin College.
>How much would would it cost for private lessons?
forty dollars an hour plus room rental. Cheaper to take it at the college.
And it wouldnt be ME teaching it, it would be my co-instructor, Jean V________. He's good.
>How much does the college charge?
(I thought it was settled that the college was too far away. Hmmm...suddenly the college looks like an option...grin!) Um...they charge about a hundred and fifty for a full course.
>How do I pay for that?
Well, get on line and sign up for the course. We are starting a new one in the fall. Maybe sooner if there is any interest.
>Well, I got a black belt in Karate when I was with the US army in Okinawa.
Go on line and see what the college schedule is...the courses are offered, and if there is not enough sign ups, they get cancelled.
> So do you do private lessons?
Yes, but they are expensive.
>So what bus do I take to get to the college?
I guess that would depend on where in the city you are...the college is on Baseline Transit station. All busses go there.
>Okay then...that course in the fall sounds good. Bye.

A black belt in Okinawa. On a military posting.


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