Friday, July 24, 2009

Armour finished.

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This is the new brass. Looks not too bad...I think it took about 4 hours all in all. But I think it was worth the really makes the armour look nice.
Here is a nicer pic of the armour...with ME in the picture. As you can see, I am a little bit shorter than the client. And there are picadills behind the tassets and behind the faulds as well.

Not too bad...those oxblood straps really set the armour off well. That red lace. hmmm. Must tuck that away. The big round buckles are "home made", while the centre strap, buckle and lion are "off the shelf". I might let the outermost buckles on the tassets out one hole, allow them to hang more straight down.

The back has more than enough room for expansion...the client will cut down the straps when he sizes it to him. Right now, they are, like, way too long. But better long than too short.
The back is a little lighter than the front, not much, just a shade, and it has a high gloss lacquer finish on it. The shadow lines turned out really well. And of course the top tabs need to be bent down a bit.

So I can call this portion of the job finished.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, glad you were able to get the blueing to the clients satisfaction. That is a nice harness.

STAG said...

I think I will write a whole article on hot blueing of armour... its not that it is "difficult", though of course there are many wonky variables, but rather that the steel goes its own way regardless of what I want. Remember when we were looking at the gym floor,and although all the boards were made of maple wood, some of the boards were dark, some very light, some were birds eye, and some were fiddleback while others were very plain? Steel is like that......and the more you work with it, the more you realize that.