Friday, July 17, 2009

Backplate woes

Above is the new version of the breastplate. It is not as dark as I would have liked, but its a LOT darker than the first one. Its the alloy.... thats as dark as it'll get. Thats from the batch of new steel I picked up on Wednesday. I will have to make the other two pieces from the same piece, just to make sure they all match.

This was the best I could get with the first batch of steel...sort of a streaky blue. This is a weird material....can't be a steel alloy. It just simply didn't match the rest of the armour, so I made a new back plate. And come to think of it, that middle piece will have to go as well....I am sure the client won't want horizontal stripes....more work on a Friday morning....grin!
So, anybody want a nice backplate?
The more you heat this stuff, the "lighter in colour" it gets. strange stuff. Can't be "steel". I have no idea what it might be other than steel though! Maybe some alloy of stainless which snuck into the pile.

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Derbecker said...

I was wondering...did I know a Brenda who made weapons? And had I pissed her off in my younger and wilder years? And was she LOOKING for me? Imagine my relief... :)