Monday, July 6, 2009

Erin S's armour, blued again

Erin wanted blue armour, and here it is. Sort a dark greyish,blackish dark blue.

The original one was this colour, blue-purple. By going an extra twenty minutes at a 25 degree higher temp, it turned a deep dark blue. Have to watch it close goes grey really quick once it starts to turn, so it behooves one to keep an eye on it. Below is a side view of the new armour.

above you can see the fine roll lines the different stress levels in the steel result in different colours.
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Anonymous said...

I'd have to say, personally I like the darker blue/grey color.

STAG said...

Well, it takes nearly 50% more time, and has to be watched closely. Considering that to turn it purple-blue takes nearly an hour, and to turn it dark blue takes another twenty minutes or so that time factor is significant. Makes the difference between getting finished in one day or two.
I tried hotter shorter times, and all that happened is that the metal went straight from purple to light grey, almost without pausing at blue.
Amazing what very slight differences in the variables can make.

Anonymous said...

Have you tired / had any luck (or horrible experiences) with chemical blackening / bluing?