Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh the inanity, humanity or maybe rhodenanity

Taking a bit of a break while the solder cools. The smoke which was coming off was a little too much for comfort, and possibly for my smoke detectors, so I hooked up the air extraction system. It had been sitting sort of idle for a few months, sucking the air out of the "dirty" area of the workshop. That is, the sanding, polishing and grinding area. To get it sucking air from all the way from the other end of the shop requires that I shove a four inch pipe into the opening.

Well, suddenly, there was NO suction. Hmmm, I thought...possibly a rag or a paper towel got sucked into it. So I stumped through the snow to the outside shack where my air extractor is located, and undid the clamps. Lo and behold, a great big bundle of fiberglass insulation. That smelled like mouse piss. A quick glance at the pipe showed the rest of the mouse house.

No mice though. Possibly they are diced by the impellers, or frantically burrowing out of the pile of dust only to face a Canadian winter. I prefer to believe the latter possibility. The former promps thoughts like "Oh the humanity!" Or is that "rhodenanity". Or is that just inanity in general?

Dumb rhodents.

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Charles said...

Heh,Heh,A co-worker had an incident with mice too,here they boarded in his car,and decided to chew some nice wires...Wires for the heat!

STAG said...

Good to hear from you Charles.