Thursday, February 19, 2009


Really simple plastic shields. Well, simple until you try to figure out how to make a perfect oval. Then that experiment back in grade school with dual locii and a piece of string chimed a dim bell. Didn't turn out too bad. Pity about my poor jig saw...the plastic was more than it could handle, and it flew apart. Oh well. It didn't owe me anything, being, what, 35 years old or so?


Seriously though, plastic is really hard on the tools since it binds the blade so much. These are just shield blanks, cut out and the holes are marked but not drilled since the customer may yet want to modify the shape a bit. The inside brace is designed to keep the plastic spread out, otherwise it will default into a tight little cylinder. Always a problem, thats how you fix it. Customer will install edging, and a handle, unless he makes a note down below that he wants ME to do that for him. Otherwise, it is good to go. Very inexpensive, very quick to make and modify. Virtually indestuctible. Whats not to like? I mean besides the fact that it is blatantly non period?

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