Thursday, May 14, 2009

Placquart part deux

The backplate all leathered up and ready to go. Below is a side view of the plaquart. A sixteen gauge maltese cross toasted in the oven, and mounted on the face of the plaquart. Not too shabby.

And above you can see the fresh laquer, reflecting the light. I wanted the lac to dry over night before I drill out those temporary pop rivets and install proper rivets. So its not "quite" finished in this picture. Doesn't look too too bad.

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STAG said...

letter from the client...

Hi. Just f.y.i. it came in the mail today. Very nice work. i,m just finishing my riveted/solid link haubergeon so when I get it all together i,ll send a pic. The other fighters will be jealous i,m sure,LOL. Again, Thanks. Tony.