Friday, May 1, 2009

Simple knee cops part 4

After wheeling, another check on profiles, curves and edges is in order. Also filing of exposed edges, and any other last minute details have to be taken care of. The wheel leaves the workpiece in a very shiny condition. I do my final finishing with quite a severe pressure, which cleans up any last hammer marks, and does some final shaping. Note that the wheel was not used to create the dish, it was only used to clean up the hammer marks. This is sixteen gauge, and although you "could" do the whole thing on the wheel, it would take several hours to get such a deep dish into sixteen gauge steel. And of course, the metal would be thinned dramatically, likely to well below "legal" requirements.

The last thing is to raise a little lip on the edge, just so that it won't dig into the nice leather greaves and cuisses Ted has. A rolled edge would not be appropriate, however, the nice little flare is easily documented.

The curve is not too deep, and I think it is quite elegant. Now to do the second one exactly the same....

And above is the finished product, with the eyelets installed. All ready to go.
The whole process took me about 5 hours, and I sell them for a measely 85 bucks a pair. Hmmm...may have to see about that price.
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