Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Next to last step of making a fancy placquart. The top edges are all rolled, and the mid sections are all properly ballooned out. Don't look so difficult do they? The bottom edges have a proper medieval flare which will sit neatly on the hips. Well, thats the plan anyway.
All that is left is to install the fancy cross on the front, and of course, to hang the buckles on the sides. I like to let the lacquer really really dry before installing the buckles....that way there is a physical separation between the leather and the steel, which inhibits rust.
The flare at the bottom will allow the client to strap on a nice big wide "weight belt" to supplement the smaller one inch strap and buckles. A big weight belt will simply add to the cool look.
This placquart is made from sixteen gauge cold rolled steel, worked over the anvil, and finished on an English Wheel.

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Dr. Deb said...

Totally cool stuff, Bill.

STAG said...

Thank you.