Friday, May 1, 2009

Simple knee cops part 3

And repeat as necessary. Take out the wrinkles... Smooth the inside surface on the wood

check for profile top to bottom, adjust with the big hammer in the background as necessary.

check for profile from side to side.
Most basement re-enactor armour makers quit at this stage since of course, technically it is ready to use for its intented purpose, which is to protect the knee joint. If I was going to cover this knee cop with leather, then I would quit right here as well. However, Ted told me "I want it shiny", so we move on to the next stage.

And if you own an english wheel, take the last of the little wrinkes out of it with a two inch ball.
This will take about 10 minutes out of a two hour job. On the other hand, if you had to planish it all out on a finishing plate, that might take you an hour or two right there, so the wheel really speeds up this job.

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