Friday, November 20, 2009

Breastplate done...well almost.....

click on these images to enlarge. This is a closeup of the picadills. Leather pieces designed to keep the armour from scratching.

These are the buckles I found for you Chris. What do you think?

And this is what it looks like as of Saturday morning. The green and the gold is really quite stunning. Good choice.
The only thing left would be to put something into that hole right up at the neckline. I am thinking of a shiney gold lion head, but perhaps just a simple rivet to fill the is getting a little busy up there already.

I am thinking of putting a couple of eyelets midway along that centre strap...a lace would be nice to help hold everything in place. Right now, there is really nothing holding that centre plate in position. Well, a back strap...
Just thinking out loud here. Is this what you had in mind Chris?

ip-location map zoom

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