Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Riley's Armour

A workbench seriously in need of tidying up. In the distance, you can just see the backplate, the two lower pieces of the backplate shoved ingimoniously out of the way, the front faulds neatly sitting in the foreground, and a section of workbench which is miraculously clear of projects. For now.

This is Riley's breastplate. He is a big fella! 50 inch chest, and 21 inches waist to throat! Yeah...could be a formidable person to deal with!

Looks very tough to me! Might still need some pushing and shoving to make it all fit right, but hey...thats easy enough to do. Lots of chest....a fun job bouging that sixteen gauge breastplate I'll tell ya! The rolls are solid, battle ready, a 14 gauge wire has been slid into the rolled edges to prevent kinks. The "flat" wheel on the english wheel crisps up the edges really nicely don't you think? The blessed thing looks almost machine made! Which, come to think of it, is the idea.

The backplate, faulds and back faulds are all done, but not assembled. I expect another 4 hours will see this breast and back combination fitting like a glove! Today, well, c'mon, I did my innings...rolled a breast and backplate, flared the bottom edges, and bouged and rolled both the breast and back plate. In ONE day!

This armour is supplied "from the hammer", or in this case, "from the wheel". Sanding and polishing would, of course, cost extra, and why should Riley pay ME to do a job he can do himself. Besides, "from the hammer" is totally good looking IMHO.

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Darkwoulfe said...

Received my armor last Wednesday. I haven't had a chance to mold it completely into place, but overall I'm pleased with the outcome. It's a very nice piece of work for a very resonable price. I should have asked for a larger neck opening to fit my massive head. :P

Pics can be seen at the links below.....

STAG said...

On reflection, I think the centre strap should have had the buckle either higher or lower, but these are things you spot only after it is all built.

Thank you so much for your kind words. That sixteen gauge is a real pain to work with...the goal was to create the armour without any visible hammer marks. I think I accomplished that. I do know that they always get squashed in the shipping, necessitating a little prying, shoving and manipulating to get it to fit right.

You look pretty good in that armour Riley! Massive head! Hah! Massive chest, massive shoulders too! This was a size XL.