Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chris's Armour

The helmet with the wings. Well, one of them anyway. The other is still sitting on my workbench. These are not quite finished....I want to deepen some of the fluting and figure out a way to keep these wings from rocking backwards with the visor.
Above is the helmet with the wing, visor in the "full up" position. The visor can if need be, completely hide behind the wings.

Here is the helm with the visor in the half way up position. The sillouette looks like MORE feathers...grin!

Above is with the visor completely down.

As is this view.
Above are the faulds. The scratches are only on the lacquer on the surface...they have all been fixed. Lacquer scratches easily, and repairs even easier.

Above is the side view of one of the spaulders. I particularly like the different angle each fauld point makes compared to the one above it.
These are the tassets. Simple, good looking. Again, with the white leather to prevent scratches on the underlying leather.

The backplate, showing off the little round leather picadills. They keep the overlapping pieces from scratching.

The fully articulated arms. Below, you can see the inside..which is already showing signs of flash rust. But its on the inside, so it doesn't matter.

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