Friday, November 13, 2009


The spaulders as seen from above. You can just see the feather tubes on the inside of the fence. You can barely see the feather tubes when you are wearing the armour. I suppose a leather cover could glued over the "plumbing", but it isn't needed.

The feather tubes had to be riveted on. Since I can't hide the rivets, I made them into a feature. Looks kind of steam punky...grin!

From the front and a bit to the side, all you can see is the fence.
From the back and inside, you can see the feather tubes. Neat eh! They have a little bit of movement in them to allow the feathers to rake backwards, forwards, or fan out, in any way Mr. A wants.
This is the left hand one, partially assembled. You can see all the rest of the stuff is there in the back. But it shows graphically how much goes into building a fence. Those outside curves are a real killer! Then the fence has to be folded to fit up against the spaulder on the inside. Inside flares and rolls are not so bad.

The big problem with fences is that once you have the fence installed, there is no going can't pry the shoulders out any more to allow them to fit a little better, nor can you compact them in. OTOH, they make a very solid piece. The weight is never a problem of course since they fit so close to the centre chakra of the body.

I had a couple of ratty old feathers lying around to show how the mechanism of the feathers. I think a mix of short and long feathers would look nice, and maybe some curly ones to fill it in. That will be entirely up to Mr. A., he is the one who will finish this "look". I just made sure there was plenty of foundation to allow him to achieve his "look". will want shorter feathers...but you get the idea.

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