Friday, November 13, 2009

Progress report....More of Mr. A.s armour.

The backplate, with those really nice "Malta" style scapula flutes. Thats the hard part done...the other two bits are all done, I just could't be bothered trying to find them to photograph them.

Above are the two lower parts which make up the breastplate....on the left is the cingulette, and on the right is the placqart. The cingulette is called that because it is a waist belt, that "cinches" the waist. The plaquart nests under the cingulette, and the breastplate below nests under those two.

Not a bad looking breastplate. All eighteen gauge for lightness since Mr. A. is not planning to actually fight in this armour. On the other hand, eighteen gauge is actually "period" weight for armour. The sixteen gauge plates I make just take more abuse, thats all.

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