Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breaking taps and depressing times

Have not been posting much on this blog because, well, not a lot of armour is getting done! The summer is finally vanishing, and I am attemting to cork up the windows, and ready the armoury for the winter. There was a rush job that came in yesterday though....not all that long a job, maybe 15 hours or so...but it involved disassembling fairly mundane things like door handles. And sure enough, one of the screws broke off under the level of the brass.
Fine, I thought, I'll just drill and tap it out. Which I did....drilling it out was a piece of cake, and it went without a hitch. Then came the tapping. I swear I did nothing untowards...no odd twisting or yanking, but sure enough, I broke the tap off in a blind hole. In brass.
That happened at 4 o'clock. Its now midnight, and I have managed to break about half of the tap out of the hole...all that is left now is the hard part way down there in the bottom.
Well, bright an early tomorrow, I'll get the rest of the tap out, and drill it oversize, and install a large brass machine screw, which in turn, I will promptly drill and tap for the correct screw. It usually takes about 8 to 10 hours for me to get a broken tap out. This is falling right in line.

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