Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pauldrons part 5

This is the finished pauldron, now all that is left is the lames. See the blue templates? Most important part of a job like this is to keep templates in order. Make changes to them depending on what you find out about each job. The copper rivets attach to leather belts on the inside, whose purpose is to limit the movement of the three sections.

Here is a good view of the spaulder. In the forground is the front part, goes over the chest. It is more narrow than the back part.
And you can see how it falls forward to match the shoulder ball.

Above is another view of the same thing....the shoulder is not symetrical front to back. It took months to figure out exactly how to make these pauldrons, and several beta tests. Actually, this will be the second set I am making after all the templates were corrected. (and not surprising, I did a slight mod on this template this time too!) The other pauldrons you have seen on these pages have actually been those test pieces. It looks like I should get that fence onto the anvil and straighten out the top edge...grin!
Above is a close up of the fence where it is attached to the pauldron. I just followed the line of the bottom section of the pauldron. The rivets were tricky...I had to counter sink them on the back so that they didn't scratch up the middle section.

Above I am installing the "top lame" which actually is not a lame at all, but a sort of "fake lame" which gives some shadow line to the joint where the arms attach. It is pretty rigid, what with the three rivets holding it in place. It should also provide a bit more rigidity at a point which will get hit a lot.

The bottom lame looks like this. I rolled the inside edge so that Charles can bend his arm without cutting up his biceps. The long part drips down almost to the elbow.

And this is how they will look when I assemble them all together. Some leather on the inside, and these will be ready to attach to the pauldron.

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