Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grad class Algonquin Fall 2008

A fine looking group of warriors. I think I am at a bit of a list there....
click on the pictures to enlarge and see the action.

Here's Jeff taking a slight break. His armour is looking, um, used.

Get hit in the hand, you got to fight with your left hand. And you had better hustle!

Shayne, preparing to commit a murder stroke. Shayne, on the left, is clearly moving forward, the fella on the right is looking to trip and fall. That 'might' work to get him out of the way!

Gentlemen, lay on.

Nice sequence of blows.

I think Shayne is knocking the pants off the guy in the foreground!

A melee. Well, two on one anyway.

Its still all about training. These guys are actually wearing 50 pound chain maille shirts. Don't let what looks like lack of armour make you think they are lugging it around! The light plastic is just fine for training. Don't even "think" this is tourney gear!

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