Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedding Armour

The shoulders and arms are from a suit I have lying around, Marc made the rest of it. Well, I helped a bit...grin!
I think the articulation is pretty good.

The backplate is all done by Marc. I think it is absolutely stunning.

And this is why he made it...he wanted to look nice for his wedding.

He found the chain mail coif to be invaluable to keep cool. It acts like a radiator...soaking up the heat and radiating it off. Something you really need if you are going to wear so much armour around such a hot lady.

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1 comment:

Marc said...

Bill I thank you so much for all the help on this armor. I honestly think without you the wedding would not have been so perfect. the fact that you put these here says a lot about the friend you have been over the years.