Friday, November 28, 2008

Spaulders part 6

above, a slightly blurry picture of the completed pauldron.
A close up from the picture above.

But before we could finish, we had to make the lames. Here they are, nice wide lames. Bottom lame is rolled to protect the arm. The top lame is pounded to a 2 foot ball to match up to the false lame.

The "false" lame is installed. Nice shadow line on the sides. A hole is drilled in the centre to hang the rerebrace off.

The only inside picture I can see the supporting leather straps and the double washers on the 3-16th inch rivet in the false lame. I am sure this single rivet is strong enough, if not, well then it can be swapped out pretty easily for a quarter inch rivet.
A very nice picture of the front side.
The above pic is from the top rear, looking down.

From the below, looking up at it. I suppose it is all done except for the strap which goes around the biceps.

From the rear, looking up.
Well, what do you think Charles...look like what you ordered?

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Charles said...

Awesome work Bill,wide an' sturdy!Exactly the look I wanted.